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Our business hours are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

Current order minimums (We will update more payment types over the weekend)

Cryptocurrencies: $50

Bank Transfer: $75

Zelle: $100

Amazon gift card: $200

Vanilla gift card: $400

MoenyGram: Coming back soon 

Western Union: Coming back soon (hopefully)

Paypal: N/A

Use the links below to be directed to our Q/A. It will be to your benefit to be familiar with our rules and our process

Information on reward programs, upgrading accounts, etc

Almost every payment question and answer

Shipping questions and answers

General questions and answers

Cycle Questions

Direct link to eroids "How to post a review, for dummies"

Link to our eroids review page

Link to our eroids discussion page

I have more questions not answered here! You can email us by replying to your sign up email or if you're a member on EROIDS.COM you can contact us on our source discussion page.

What if I have a question that is answered here? You know the saying "There are no stupid questions"? Well, that doesn't apply here. If you ask something that is answered here, we will direct you to the FAQ page or ignore your email altogether. We're not assholes but we do not have time for people who can not read or follow instructions.