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We will donate 25% of all profits made during this sale to a good cause. We will do our best to show proof of the donation while retaining anonymity, this won't be hard for us but it could be devastating for the receiving organization. The donation will go towards helping the most vulnerable demographic (our children). We project that this donation will save hundreds of lives and create a ripple effect across generations. 

The golden ticket, the envy of every 8yo child from Constantinople to undiscovered lands of the East. 
This ticket might be your one way pass through the candy coated arches of the Titan factory, or it could be a one way trip down the chocolate river (which also happens to be pretty cool!)
There are approximately 30 TICKETS but only 5 VERY SPECIAL tickets.
In order to claim your prize for the golden ticket, you will need to take a photo of the 'ticket' with the product name showing and upload it to 
https://www.eroids.com/pics you will then need to message us on eroids with the title (GOLDEN TICKET) to show us the link to your photo and your order #. From there you will be given your golden ticket number. On Dec 25th the golden tickets will be tossed in a random generator and the prizes will be released. 

Discounts of course we can't have a sale without crazy discounts. The discount will change but will be listed at the very top of this page in big red letters. The code will also be listed under the sale amount. It will change, those subscribed to newsletters will receive an update when the sale price changes as well as other inside information not shared to the public. 

The not so fine print  This is not just a sale time but also a terrible time of the year for sending anything. The mail system is experiencing massive delays, excessively long lines, there are packages stuck in ports for months on end, we are not able to control the shipping process. We will do our best to get everything to you in the normal quoted shipping time, one reason for starting this sale earlier than last year was to try and beat the lines. So please, be patient, understand we are only super humans here. Minimum order for discount to apply is $100