Rewards program

How do reward points work? Reward points are gifted or earned with each item bought in our store. The amount of reward points given for each item is based on the your current rank in our system. Reward points can be used to add additional items to your order or to even cover the complete cost of an order.

What are the ranks, their benefits and how do I earn each 

  • Iron 5% New members with less than a year or 3 orders
    To earn this status, you simply do nothing but eat chicken, lift weights and order big

  • Steel 7.5% Seasoned members from our site and/or eroids
    Members of Titans with 1 year or more active on our site with at least 1 order (or)
    Members of eroids for over 2 years with a minimum of 30 karma (or)
    Made a valid review on eroids within the last 3 months 
    Steel membership is permanent

  • Silver 10% For gentlemen (or ladies) and scholars
    Been a steel member for at least 3 months (and)
    Have made a valid eroids review in the last 3 months
    Silver is a temporary status change and will revert back to steel unless renewed within 4 months

  • Gold 15% plus VIP service The high rollers club
    Must have an account over 2 years old on our site or have a good standing account on eroids with 2yrs of more of active membership 
    Gold members are assessed 2x per year (June/Jan) and hold their status until the 1st of Jan every year. If on the new year you do not qualify for Gold, you will be reduced to silver for 1 year (or until the next assessment)

  • Platinum 20% plus VIP service Is it Bezos, is it Musk? Who knows but these are the 1% of the 1%
    Same rules apply as gold

How do I apply for an upgrade? 
You email us with the status you wish to upgrade to and any pertinent information such as eroids handle, review date, etc.
You can not apply for Gold or Platinum status
Click here to request upgrade

What are some other ways to get points? 
You can earn points by running lab tests through Janoshik, blood labs, etc and posting them on eroids. Each lab test will earn you 500pts 
Simply message Uncleyoked on eroids with your email address and a link to your labs in order to claim.