Payment information

Payment options will only appear once your order hits the minimum. After you edit the count in your cart, refresh the page and the options should be available based on the minimums below.

Note: Do not send payments to our email from the company you purchased or transferred through. Do not create that link between you, us and them. Any payment sent directly to [email protected] from a 3rd party platform, will be lost forever.

How do I update my payment information? Go to 'My Account' > 'View Your Order History' Click on the  next to your order #

I've made my payment, why is my order status still 'Waiting for payment'? Likely because you didn't use the payment update form in your order history. Until you send us your payment information, your order will remain unpaid.

I have updated payment information but it's still processing, should I send payment information again? No! If you do this, your order will be bumped to the back of the queue for payment processing and will likely be delayed for pick up and/or shipping. Payments don't process on weekends, our receivers work business hours.

What is the order status process? First your order will be listed as Waiting for payment once payment has been made it will go to Updated Information Received from there it will go in to one of two statuses Processing or it will go in to Verifying (possibly both) for Zelle, Paypal, cash app and occasionally crypto if the exact amount isn't received. From there the next step will be Ready to Ship where your package will be queued and then Shipped.

Why do I have to update my payment information, can't you see it on your end that it's been sent? Short answer is NO, we cannot see your payment information unless you send it to us, we do not have any control of the payment processors.

Can I just email you all my payment information? It's not preferred and is the slowest way to update your order. If you send your information through email without a reason such as "the form isn't working" you will be asked to use the form in your order history.

What should I put in the notes of my Paypal/Zelle/WU/MG Payment? Only put what is asked, if you put anything more, it may be denied. If you put anything related to steroids or illegal activity, emails, company names, etc. You will be banned.

Can I contact the paypal/zelle email directly?: Absolutely not, contacting them will result in a ban from services.

Do I have to send you a copy of my receipt for Zelle/Paypal/WU/MG? No. If you wish to forego this step, you can by putting 'No Receipt' in the image field. However, if you do not supply a receipt for CashApp/Zelle/WU/MG/W2W, etc, your order will still process but in the chance that there is an issue with your order or there is some delays on pick ups, it will take longer to process the order.

Do I have to send you a copy of my receipt and card picture for gift cards like Vanilla, Amazon, etc? Yes, copy of the receipt and both sides of the card for us to process. When uploading the picture of the card, be sure to block out the beginning of the order card number and only show the last 4-8 digits

How long does it take for payment to clear? That depends on the payment type. Crypto is generally 1 day. Cash pick up money transfers average 3-4 days. Electronic transfers like Zelle/Paypal, 3 days, Gift cards 2-3 days.

Why isn't my payment processed immediately? It's a complicated process that we cannot disclose much information on but we cannot see any of the payment information you do not send us. In order for us to clear your payment, we need to be informed by the receivers that payment has been processed fully. Payment receivers work on business hours. Zelles work Mon-Fri but we often see payments sent before the weekend clear on Tuesday.

How long do I have to complete a crypto order? You have 60 minutes to process your transaction. If you back out of your order after checkout and do not complete payment immediately, you will not be able to get back in to that order to complete payment. We suggest you transfer your payment immediately while the coinbase counter is going on another window so you can visually see it process. Do not buy BTC and have it sent directly to the orders provided wallet, coinbase is known for long delays and the wallet addresses expire. If you buy BTC to wallet, your BTC may be lost in cyberspace. You must have BTC ready in your own wallet before ordering. DO NOT SEND BTC TO OUR EMAIL, IT WILL BE LOST FOREVER.

How do I find a bitcoin address in coinbase? After the checkout menu you will be directed to a crypto currency list. If you choose coinbase you will have to send directly from your coinbase. If you use another wallet, choose the bitcoin (or a variety of other crypto options) and it will give you a payment address or QR code to use. 

I forgot to copy my bitcoin address, can you send it to me? We cannot send you bitcoin addresses, you have to obtain it yourself through the coinbase app, if payment is not made immediately, your order will be cancelled. If this happens, simply make a new order and restart the process. 

I'm sending money via a money transfer service, how should it be received? You need to send it 'Money in Minutes' as Cash Pick up. If you send to Credit Card, Phone or some other way, it will not be picked up and your order will be delayed/cancelled. If you do not send money in minutes and we attempt to pick it up without it being released, we will not attempt to collect your payment again for 3-4 business days to allow time for it to clear.
If you made your payment via Western Union, Moneygram, Ria, Paypal, Zelle, Paypal, Monero or Vanilla, there will be a form on the bottom of the page for you to fill in. Do not use symbols in any of the fields, only letters and numbers. Once you hit submit your order status will change to 'Updated Information Received'. If your order status does not change, check the fields for any notes such as "Please enter only numbers in the value field" and resubmit. If you continue to have trouble with this process you can email us. If there is a typo in the information sent, such as incorrect spelling on name or missing part of receivers name, we will not attempt to pick it up and will ask you to fix or verify the information prior to pick up. USE THE ENTIRE NAME GIVEN ON THE TRANSFER. We can only make X amount of attempts per day for pick ups and if we cannot pick up an order due to an error, then that delay has cost another order more time in processing. So please VERIFY ALL INFORMATION IS CORRECT prior to sending.

I used the form but my payment information isn't showing and/or my current status did not update to 'Updated Information Received'; 

First, make sure you are not using any symbols ($,-,/etc. Try refreshing and submitting your payment info again. If the payment form fails to update on your account you will need to email us the payment information and tell us the error your received, use the following format;

Sender name
City/State sent from
Amount sent
Receiver name
Order #
Receipt uploaded to or similar anonymous photo database

If you are trying to update your vanilla gift card information and it is not working. Email us with the following format:

Card #
Amount on card
Order #
Link to copy of receipt, front and back of card uploaded to

If you email us payment info you need to tell us what the error was, if you do not, we will assume you didn't read this and we will not process your payment but will direct you to the faq and ask you to send the payment using the form in your order history.

I've ordered before and just sent my money to the same place I sent it to on my last one, we good? NOPE, in fact, if you sent it through paypal, btc, cashapp or one of those other service, it might be lost forever. Always send payments to the most recent receiver on your current order. Receivers expire after 3 days, if your order is later than that, it will be deleted and payments sent after cannot be guaranteed.

I don't see anywhere to put my order # on the WU/MG/Walmart form and should I put your email in: You do not put any order information down when sending a money transfer, if you attach our email and send a payment, we will refuse it. Be smart and think about what we are doing here.

How do you want to receive the money via WU/MG/WALMART,etc? Send it as cash and if the option is available, send it in the currency of the receiving Country.

Zelle payment is not working. Zelle is bank specific and only allows transfers 'bank to bank' or 'credit card to bank', debit cards are not accepted through Zelle usually.

Where do I get  a Vanilla/Amazon Card? You can find them at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Game Stop and online here. Be sure you have the correct card. MyVanillaCard, Greendot Debit, etc are not gift cards. Those are reloadable Debit cards. Gift Cards are only available from $20-$500. Load the card for the exact amount of your order, our receivers will empty all cards fully and will not accept cards under $200. Please keep all copies of receipts and card as we will need proof of purchase as well as front and back of card. ONLY BUY WITH CASH.